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The Webmaster's Handbook

Johan Vromans

The Webmaster's Handbook


Christian Neuss & Johan Vromans

This was written in 1995, so it's a bit outdated now...

The World Wide Web is currently experiencing enormous popularity. Not only do people want to know how to access information, but they are also interested in setting up an information server for the Web. Running a Web server allows for inexpensive, instant distribution of information, which can be frequently updated whenever changes are necessary.

One of the first books designed for advanced Internet information providers and World Wide Web users, The Webmaster's Handbook helps readers enhance the functionality of their Web servers and provides helpful fill-out forms support.

Key features

  • An in-depth discussion on creating information gateways
  • Sample code both for simple scripts and for more sophisticated gateways. The language Perl is used throughout, and a comprehensive Perl reference guide is also included
  • Coverage of typical real-world tasks such as creating a searchable index, conducting electronic transactions and providing gateways to existing database management systems
  • A CDROM with examples from the book, Web references, free utilities and files, Internet Domain Codes and an invaluable collection of Frequently Asked Questions
  • WebExtra: Periodically updated additional information. The WebExtra information for The Webmaster's Handbook is here.

About the authors

Christian Neuss set up the World Wide Web server for the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (Darmstadt, Germany) in May 1993, and developed a server extension that allowed for content searches. Since then, his work has focused on server extensions and information resource discovery on the Web and, for the Third International WWW conference in April 1995, he created the electronic conference registration software and webmastered the conference server. He is now with the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, continuing his research on information resource discovery.

Johan Vromans has been involved with software engineering research since 1975. Convinced of the importance of a good programming environment, he became an expert in using GNU Emacs and the Perl programming language. Recently, he was instrumental in bringing the Internet to the Netherlands as a commercial activity and he currently owns his own typesetting and consulting business called Squirrel Consultancy.


1. Introduction
2. Web Server Technology
3. Dynamic Documents and Requests
4. The CGI Specification
5. Writing Gateway Programs
6. Enhancing Server Functionality
7. Electronic Transactions
A. Commented Listings
B. CDROM contents
C. Resources not on the CDROM
D. Perl Reference Guide
E. HTML Quick Reference Guide

The Webmaster's Handbook

200 pages
ISBN 1-85032-253-8
Paperbound & CDROM
Due to a production problem the images in the first printing of the book are of inferior quality. Please make sure that you get the second or newer printing.

Translations are available in German, French and Dutch.

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International Thomson Publishing
Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn
London WC1V 7AA, UK

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