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Johan Vromans E-mail Policy

Johan Vromans
E-mail Policy

I believe that electronic mail is a very important, and convenient, way of communication. Unfortunately, the many SPAM and SCAM mails are a big nuisance. This is how I try to cope with it.

I refuse to hide my email address. I've been using this address since 1995 and I'm sure it's recorded thousands of times on those pesky ‘1 million guaranteed email addresses’ CD's.

I run a series of email filters to weed out the SPAM and other unsollicited messages. Anything I don't trust, or don't like, gets filtered into a number of SPAM boxes. Sometimes I inspect these boxes, but often I don't. However, there's one special SPAM box that I do inspect often, and that is the box that collects messages that seem interesting but are from people that I do not know. So even unknown people do have a chance to reach me.

What is the best way to get your message across?

  • Use this contact form.
  • Make the subject of the message interesting, and clear.
  • Make the content of the message interesting, and clear.
  • Send the message to me. Do not use mailing lists, BCCs, Undisclosed Recipients and so on. It lessens the chance that the message will pass the filters.
  • Use plain text, or a text alternative. HTML-only messages will almost certainly end up in a SPAM box.
  • Digitally encrypt the message with my PGP/GPG key or any of my registered certificates.
  • Digitally sign the message with a PGP/GPG key or registered certificate that I can verify.

How reliable is email communication?

Actually, I think it's very reliably. However, when it comes to trust or proof:

  • I will formally deny having sent any message that has not been digitally signed with my PGP/GPG key or any of my registered certificates.
  • Likewise, I will only tentatively assume a message is really from you unless you have digitally signed it.

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