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Johan Vromans

It is one of my firm beliefs that it requires good tools to do a good job. For me, GNU Emacs is the perfect tool for almost every job that involves manual maintenance of text-based data files. This includes tasks like programming, writing documents, handling electronic mail and reading news.

It is an almost religious matter if you want to use a small editor to be embedded (called from) inside other tools, or a big editor that can incorporate all other functionality. I have chosen for the latter approach, hence GNU Emacs.

First of all, all GNU Emacs subsystems provide a consistent look and feel. Knowing one of them makes it easier to learn the others.

The GNU Emacs programming modes (e.g. C, Perl, Java, HTML) make the task of programming much easier using syntax-sensitivity and color-coding of program elements. Debugging using the GNU debugger is nicely integrated.

The VM mail handler and GNUS news reader are superior tools to deal with the always increasing number of messages.

GNU Emacs forms mode allows maintenance of text-based databases.

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