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PGP-key signing policy

Johan Vromans

I'll only sign your PGP-key if you sign mine

This means that I want to meet you in person, and verify your credentials. At the same time, I'll present you my credentials.

I'll sign your key with level “I've done careful checking” and expect you to do the same with my key.

For the meeting, make sure you have with you:
  • A valid passport or drivers license containing your photograph and signature.
    For people from outside The Netherlands I can only accept a passport as I have no idea what legal documents in your country look like.
    Yes, you can still fool me with your passport but as it is probably expensive to fake one, I doubt that you do that.
  • A piece of paper with your email address on it and your key-id but preferably your complete key fingerprint. I'll ask you to sign this in my presence.
Preferrably before we meet:
  • Send me an email signed with the key you want me to sign.

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