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Comics is an aggregator for internet comics. When run, it collects a series of comics and stores them in a cache, together with a static index page. All you have to to is periodically run the aggregator, and browse the index page. No webservers, php, javascript etc. required.

To see how such an aggregation could look like, visit Gotblah.

Though Gotblah is very nice, I've been using if for ages, it has a couple of small drawbacks. Sometimes it gets stuck and the comics are not updated for weeks. And it is not possible to add your own comics.

Comics has been written to overcome these drawbacks. It can never get stuck because you run it yourself. And it is written in a modular way so it is easy to extend with your favourite comics.

Comics consists of a driver module that handles the aggregation, and a collection of plugins, one for each comic. Currently there are plugins for over 70 comics. Don't like some of the comics? You can disable them easily. Just read the documentation.

The source is maintained on GitHub so feel free to fork and improve it. And, above all, add your favourite comics.

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