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Perl Getopt::Long module

Johan Vromans
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The Perl Getopt::Long module implements POSIX standard as well as GNU extended parsing of command line options. It is a descendant of the "newgetopt" library routine I wrote for Perl 4.

Version 1.13 of newgetopt.pl comes with the Perl 4.036 distribution.
Version 1.14 of newgetopt.pl comes with the Perl 5.000 distribution, disguised as as Getopt::Long.
Version 2.19 of Getopt::Long comes with 5.005_03.
Version 2.23 of Getopt::Long comes with 5.6.0.
Version 2.25 of Getopt::Long comes with 5.6.1 and 5.7.2.
Version 2.32 of Getopt::Long comes with 5.8.0.
Version 2.34 of Getopt::Long comes with 5.8.1 and later.

Current version
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