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Growatt-Wifi-Tools - Tools to use with the Wifi module for Growatt inverters

Johan Vromans
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If you have solar panels and a Growatt inverter that is equipped with a WiFi module, there's a lot of interesting things you can do.

For example, instead of the WiFi module connecting to the Growatt servers, you can have it connect to a small proxy server that logs all data before passing it to the Growatt servers. You can analyze the data yourself, make graphs, and so on. Or send the data to another server, e.g. PVoutput.

If you are concerned with your privacy you can run a 'fake' server on your own system that will collect the data without communicating with any Growatt server.

The Growatt WiFi tools contains proxy and standalone servers, and several tools for data collection, analysis and graphs.

View the WiFi module protocol description.

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