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makepatch is a nifty tool that allows you to create a single patch file (input for Larry Wall's patch program) from two directory hierarchies. A mandatory tool if you have to maintain software packages. It is written in Perl, of course.

Features of this utility include:

  • Recursive descend through sub-directories.
  • Generation of commands to remove obsolete files.
  • Automatic handling of the patchlevel.h file first.
  • Automatic inclusion of Index: and Prereq: lines.
  • Ability to utilize specified manifest files.
  • Dedicated applypatch program can be used to do the patching, for improved verification and robustness.
  • Patch data is more reliable by relocating to the current directory.
  • Sources trees can come from archives, e.g. .tar.gz files.

Here's an article I wrote for The Perl Journal about makepatch.

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